Acer Aspire 5738ZG

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  • diavolo23231


    You don’t need it — believe me. I by no means used this sensor on mine 😀 But all things you wrote are truth — it have a unique sound unusual high for laptop. And Windows 7 in bring together with google chrome — Acer became a flying machine :) Acer Aspire 5738ZG is a GREAT machine. I play many games on it… Overheating 55 degrees and 60 degrees after COD4 strikes 😀 GTA San Andreas — work without any problem and no overheating.

  • polskpojjkeh

    @Haltsha I buyed it, I’m not too pleased with it cause It have sooo terrible CPU for gaming :( lol

  • LantzucAndrei

    yep i got this laptop and it’s awesome !

  • dusanlo

    I bought this one with 3GB RAM DDR3 but can upgrade to 4GB… My video card is with 1GB and I play a PES2011 on full fine points and have no problems. My laptop does not overheating. If someone want to buy this model I suggest to do it!!!

  • abdur50

    @Mazahaka1997 yes i agree

  • Mazahaka1997


  • livetoTomsk

    fuck you english! Russian is excellent, ибо всё нах на вашем инглише

  • laurentiu1990

    A very excellent laptop. 3D VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND with DOLBY HOME THEATER is awesome, it’s unbelivealble (especially on headphones). I play DiRT2 @ max settings on it. Google Chrome launch in 0.001 seconds. WiFI facility @ more than 100Mbs/s with N standard router. 3 HOURS autonomy. Fantastic laptop. Mine did not have a fingerprint sensor !! Damn…

  • phlexonance

    english dude, english!

  • osloshin

    This computer sucks

  • Hunncas

    thumbs up if 1:07 was a EPIC FAIL ;D that’s my outcome…

  • JaUm3s

    el mio tiene mejor procesador y viene con la ati hd4650

  • IBangMaiFakinNi

    should i be able to play wow on this? High settings (low shadow, low water effects.)

  • PorscheBulgaria

    This laptop catches dust so quick damn it!! It’s fuckin everywhere!

  • BP2611

    @Haltsha i am asking because i want to check out its specs.

  • BP2611

    @Haltsha what model is your pavillon?

  • Haltsha

    @BP2611 god daaaaaaaaaaaaymn, thats one hell of a notebook! i just checked its features, yeh we’re even man.

  • BP2611

    @Haltsha i replaced mine with an ASUS n53jf so were even 😀

  • BP2611

    @TheWTP it will, but because of the overheating it will shut down after 5 mins.

  • Haltsha

    @BP2611 okay fuck off bitch :S .. i replaced it with hp pavilion anyway, i forgot all about this comment, so seriously fuck off!

  • BP2611


  • BP2611

    @Haltsha i have the same laptop and it sucks, the only «excellent»feature is the fingerprint sensor. Whenever i try to play a game on it, it overheats like hell, even when undervolted. THAT’S WHY I DONT RECOMMEND THIS LAPTOP AND WHOEVER SAYS THAT THIS LAPTOP IS BEST IS A RETARD AND MUST BE SHOT.

  • jelenam92

    Can anyone tell me what is better, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 560v 1GB DDR3 or this nVidia graphic card? And 4GB of RAM DDR2 vs. 2GB of RAM DDR3?

  • BlueNinja1212

    im getting this

  • EmilKaratefreak

    Just bought this today :) mine seems like an upgraded version though.. 4 GB ddr3 with a max capacity of 8 GB, and a 2,3 duo processor

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