Apple Campus 2 construction video — August 2014 — shot with GoPro

Apple’s «Campus 2» under construction &#1110n Cupertino. Video shot &#959n August 24, 2014. EQUIPMENT LIST: DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter w&#1110th Zenmuse H3-3D 3-Axis …


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  • in the middle they will make a large H FOR LANDING


  • 4:46 …Helicopter HARMONY!!!

  • Can someone please answer IN ENGLISH explaining what Recreational Craft a.k.a. drone was used in this filming. I'm very unusual. It seems to have a very smooth flight.

  • So like when the world oil supply runs out in about 60-80 years and they can no longer ship raw resources and materials and ship out their junk to stores, this campus will be excellent as another piece of useless and wasteful time of humans. Seriously, how can one reckon that a non renewable resource will last forever, especially as quick as the human race is depleting it. The most vital invention of our times in the coming 100 years will be revolutionary transport and renewable energy fund engines that are very efficient and powerful, not iPhones and laptops.

    In about 50 years or so, the fee of gas is going to be too expensive for commuting and there are gonna be suburban homes literally abandoned because they will be too far away from economic centers to be viable. Vast Cities will become hundreds of small villages everywhere food is all grown locally. Really and truly a forward thinking person understands this, 100 years from now the world as we know it with cheap fuel will be a distant memory and instead of having problems choosing which China Apple junk product to buy, you will have to be deciding how best to get your next meal because food chain supply will be no more, no more twinkles and quick food ya bone idle fatties. Your local Wallymarts will be empty as their will be no fuel to run gas guzzling 18 wheelers.

    It's gonna be excellent times, but like the human race is everyone is all about themselves and the here and now and don't reckon about the future, so consume, consume, consume….I feel sorry for coming generations for it is really screwed for them. 

  • this should be a level on zombie gunship

  • fantastic, with a drone you can be like a bird :)

  • Very noisy and go lower!

  • Everywhere are the plants they wanted to save???? Its permanently the same: First they make fantastic conservational concept art and then they chop everything down. I hope Google does it better….

  • Inspired by the Venus Project? :)

  • if only apple could place this kind of innovation into their products lol

  • Your Iphone comes from here and more

  • the majority of the parking will be underground im high and mighty thats why they dug all that out, it used to be a park and an ancient HP building, mostly parking space, so they leveled everything and planted plants everywhere and place parking underground

  • Well this is impressive indeed. But, I am trying to guess that the next "Samsung campus" in Korea will be even better. It will be a Mars-like background and life style at the Samsun campus.

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