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  • Fallout 4, House of Cards or American Horror Tale. I should get it because I'm a 16 year ancient developer and I just submitted an app that lets users stream their music store to multiple other phones making a huge Bluetooth speaker and I'd like to bring it to tvOS. :)

  • My favorite video game is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. My favorite TV show is How To Get Away With Murder. I would like an Apple TV because I've been looking into getting one for a while but then I saw your unboxing video and I knew I had to get one!!

  • Hi iJustine! I wanted to try and enter the giveaway! My favorite game is doubtless Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I like the whole run though. My favorite show right now is Rick & Morty. I want to get the Apple TV because I want to have a device to watch my shows on and play music from. As a college student, there's not much spare cash to spend on anything other than food, so it would be super helpful. Thank you! :)

  • Black ops 2, saved by the bell, and bc I like watching you Jenna and matt

  • Favorite game is Mario cart 64
    Favorite TV show is How I met your mother
    And I would like an apple TV to accompany my new ipho

  • My favourite game is Undertale, my favourite TV show is Degrassi, and I want to win the Apple TV because I like Apple products!!

  • Call of Duty, Breaking Terrible, my family and I want to have an Apple TV so that we can watch Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and play games together

  • favorite game: monument
    Favorite show: Revenge
    I have the oldest chromecast and its about time for a quicker upgrade

  • Geometrydash
    Wie is de mol (dutch)
    I want to win the apple tv because ive by no means won a giveaway of anyone, haha

  • Hi Justine!! I've commented on other videos but you might not have seen the comments. No doubts:D anyways, I like your videos, they are what I look forward to when I get home from school, wake up in the mornings, or at night (I've stayed up in anticipation of 4:30 am rewatching your videos.)… (I've been here for a long time:")) anyways.. my favorite game is animal crossing(have you tried pleased home, it seems awesome,), favorite TV show/run would have to be walking dead. and I would like an apple TV because I like apple and gaming and since I can't afford a gaming council it would be incredible to have a touch I could watch movies on and play games on:) thanks either way! ps you and matty were fantastic at the dog awardsXD

  • I reckon Jetpack on the Apple TV
    I've been really wanting one but my dad says we can't get one cause he doesn't wanna use so much money but I hope to win
    Like ya❤️✌️

  • Dexter's Laboratory on GB Color, Mad Men, and I should get the Apple TV because I've by no means hed or operated a streaming box before and it would be SO EXCITING to have one! :)

  • my favorite game is sonic adventure for sega Dreamcast my favorite show is trailer park boys and I would like the TV because I suck with technology and it would be a cool thing to help me gather more

  • My favourite game is mine craft but I really like playing all game favourite tv show is doubtless modern family and I reckon I deserve the Apple TV because I reckon i would have a lot of fun with it and maybe get quicker with my brother because he is off to academe and when he comes back I. Really miss home so when he comes back I can play with him

  • my favorite video game is Mariokart, of course. and my favorite tv show is desperate housewives. I reckon i should get the apple tv because i ran out of storage to watch my shows on my macbook and want to see it on the huge(ger) screen!

  • My favorite game is black ops 3 my favorite tv show is the huge bang theory and the wits why I reckon i deserv a apple tv because i watch all your videos and they permanently make my day

  • my fav game is kingdom hearts and my fav TV show is once upon a time. I reckon I should win because my ex dumped me and took our apple tv with him HAH

  • My favorite game is Final Fantasy. My favorite show is Sword Art Online. I reckon I should win the Apple TV is to share with my family.

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