Apple TV vs Roku 4 — Speed Test

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16 комментариев к Apple TV vs Roku 4 — Speed Test

  • You just don't like the Apple TV.. Full stop

  • Can I also download a Web browser on the Apple TV from the app store? Thanks

  • Can I download a Web browser on the roku 4? Thanks.

  • Best review . Thank you.

  • Games are so much better on the Apple tv

  • You complaining about sucking data and bandwidth makes it seem like we are still in 2005 or earlier!

  • I have many apple products (phone, iPad, desktop, apple TV) and yes, I like their computers/OS, but I can declare when there is a better product out there, not by apple. I'am seriously considering the Roku 4 — Not just because of the 4k capability, but because of the extra features and benefits. It's sweet apparent the Roku is a better product. Why can't you Apple fan boys/girls be with you this? If Roku made a bunch of hipster commercials, etc. would you reconsider?

  • So ultimately the apple TV is quicker in just about every circumstance.

  • Thanks for the review. Excellent luck with streaming 4K with your data cap ;). I feel Apple TV's AppStore will surpass the Roku one within a year. It is growing quick. I was disappointed not to have optical out on the Apple TV and USB streaming would be fantastic for taking the box away with you. You can use Bluetooth headphones with Apple TV. If you don't have an Apple device for mirroring the Roku has more choices for now although I prefer a fanless streamer. I would be interested in a power consumption test. Fantastic podcast it bought me here thanks.

  • Very trustworthy and frank review. The Apple 4 remote truly sucks if you ever tried it for watching video. One slip of the thumb on the track pad and your suddenly quick forwarding, pausing, or rewinding with no straightforward way of finding your place over again. Very annoying. Hard to imagine after 3.5 yrs this is the best that Apple could come up with.

  • Sorry to pile on you with some of the others, but I have to agree that it felt like you had bias. Overall you did a excellent job reviewing the different features. Perhaps less use of the word "why" when describing features, and simply list the categories, clarify the functionality, and let the products speak for themselves through your brilliant simultaneous boundary show.

    Looking at them feature for feature, they are both awesome. If you're an Apple person, then you're going to like the Apple unit. If you're not an Apple fan, then you're not going to miss out on any feature that an Apple person would otherwise have, and in fact you may have more features since Roku has earphone plug'ins , supports optical output, and external storage.

  • I reckon a major detractors of the review here is the lack of Apple TV content. Roku has had years of building a content base and getting developers on board while this is Apple's first entrance to apps. If the trend is anything like smartphones and tablets I expect to see the apps continue to grow and more than likely be first to get updates/new features.

    I agree with others that the review here seemed biased one way. I'm not an Apple fanboy and own a Roku and Apple TV, but I reckon it really come down to personal preference. I like the Apple TV better than the Roku for the polish, simplicity, and airplay. I can see people, particularly ghost without and iPhone or iPad, enjoying the Roku. As someone who takes photos and videos of their kids constantly, airplay is an incredible feature when the girls grandparents are over. That feature and simplicity along is enough to sell me. I know the Roku has that ability but it just isn't seamless.

  • I would agree with some of the comments that have been made, you do seem to have some side of biased opinion of apple. Your personal opinion of the fact that you dont like to see what your kids are watching has nothing to do with the specs of either device. Also, when the apple device seems to be doing a touch excellent, you quickly just go on, everywhere if there is a problem or a touch you dont care for, you do tend to take more time to go on about it. And reasonably honestly, HOW you approach both devices you definately seem to give roku more of the benefit of a doubt than the apple tv. So, realistically this should be an opinion video, not a comparison/alacrity test video. Also, maybe take more time peer reviewing yourself before you post things like this so you dont get trolled off the planet like DeltaGaming did to you. I liked your video, you have a fantastic commentary voice, and you are comprehensive, but based on the video, it does come accross that you do have a problem with apple. just an observation. other than that, like the video. keep it up.

  • I am torn between the Roku 4 and the Apple TV. I have a Roku 2 XD, but I just like the polish and integration of the Apple tv, they also just place such excellent build quality and small touches into things, the remote is made out of aluminum and has a built in array, it looks like a piece of art, and the older I get the more I appreciate aesthetics and simplicity. I also wish they would have built up on the Roku 4 to accommodate the new hardware like the new Apple TV, instead of out, it looks kind of hideous. I really thought Roku would make an entire original new boundary, but it looks just like the last Roku, so it's sweet dull. I mostly just want a touch quicker than my current Roku, I feel it lags. Apple seams to have place in a lot of try to make a device that will work with all your other products as well. I am really surprised by my reaction as I have by no means owned or wanted to own an Apple product in anticipation of now.

  • I see everywhere DeltaGaming coming from the video very one sided but I feel if you can't positively review 2 products then don't because I took nothing away from this video apart from Roku Roku Roku you gave no praise to Apple TV permanently negative.

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