Apple Watch Rant

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  • I have the Samsung Gear S which can also work non-centrally and can also have it's on number if you're on AT&T as it has a SIM card slot which means it would get it's own mobile data and you can make calls on it say you're out jogging or hiking and a touch terrible happens and you lost your phone or didn't bring it with you well no doubts use your Gear S and there you go.  The only thing is hope you don't break it when or if that terrible thing happens and also hope you have signal other than that it's a fantastic feature to have but for me I have Verizon so it won't work that way.  It is also water and dust resistant and I really like the device I use it when I go hiking as I can see how long I have been hiking and how many steps I took.  Plus it has a handy charge/array bank dock that you can keep in your pocket so if you ever need a small extra juice you can hook that up to it and from there if you have a array bank on you then you can plug that into the dock and charge it up a small or all the way depends on your situation. 

    I would by no means buy a smartwatch that costs 17 grand either I mean come on did anyone buy that thing yet if so they're a dedicated Apple fan but even if the company I like made a touch similar I would by no means buy it for 17 grand sorry not worth it.

  • Nearly a year after its release… BEST promotion smart watch on the market according to statistics… Hmmm Either the watch turned out to be better then most or there are more apple fans out there than christians and muslims lol ^^

    Apple Master Race + PC Master Race

  • Outside of USA Apple Pay doesn't work. Siri doesn't work. Half of Apple features doesn't work or are half-assed. So, what's the point? Many people in Eastern Europe has iPhone and Apple Watch simply as jewelery because Apple services doen't work there. Because they are pricey and luxurious, not because they are excellent or better than others. Like you have a Porsche and use it only as city and shopping vehicle.

  • Everywhere can I get some of that unicorn dust

  • I like this guy!!!!! Very entertaining and amusing

  • Id rather get one of those Bluetooth g shocks. It does the same things for the most part and the array lasts 2 years at smallest amount lol. Excellent video

  • Apple doesn't care. Say they take Google cardboard, make it out of aluminum, and sell it for $100. People will buy it. Because Apple.

  • a smart watch is for cheating on exams. taking advantage of teachers that are not up to date with technology today… though this freakin watch ruined that purpose since everyone now knows about it and can place two and two together.

  • lol i have the original gear s and like using it as a phone

  • This is a fantastic video. I have to watch it from time to time. I can picture a ceo sitting at a meeting looking at his apple watch giggling . This is excellent stuff. Amusing as hell. Fantastic job.

  • you need to do a rant on Apples logic for charging so much for extra storage

  • I wanna be able to send when I have a hard on to friends ;)

  • Going back to be able to be doing a phone call on your wrist. Tim reckon that is changing the way that we communicate when your letting your private talk with your wife or your boss go public. Plus you need the latest iPhone to make the thing work

  • I reckon apple is starting to torn into a fashion company

  • The Apple Watch is a complete waste of money. Why would you wannt to spend any amount of money on it. The model that starts from £10k is idiotic. One thing Apple doesn't be with you is that an expensive watch is a thorough buy. Also watches from that fee are usually bought as investment pieces. This means that the owner is expecting the watch to retain most if not all of it's value year shortly. An electronic watch will not keep it's value as the technology is out of date after a year. The small amount of gold on the Apple watch will not help it retain it's value. I don't see high value watch retailers even looking at that model of the Apple watch as a viable item to sell…..they simply won't be able to sell enough units.

  • your incorrect the apple watch does make you look qualified well the stainless go quietly version anyways and so since it has a drawing feature its now a kids device? The feature can be used to send a quick sketch, lets say you on a bus or on a train heading somewhere far . . . your not gonna see your wife in anticipation of you come back if you miss her you can show her what your feeling by sending her a quick heart , xoxo, your heartbeat, ect. and the feature is lovely you feel so much more pleased when you see the hart sent by your loved one it really makes your day . . . maybe its because you ve by no means received one :P

  • its water resistant . . . really its waterproof check out fonefox's Video

  • Apple IOS stealing Android OS features since ever

  • Right, because android wear is the software for the qualified type. This video is obtuse as fuck. At first, I'll declare, very informative and relevant. But then this clown starts to complain about pricing and how simple the software on the watch is. Bitch, how are you gonna expect a watch made out of 18 karat gold with the same fee as your gay ass Moto 360.

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