Apple Watch — REVIEW — Best Smartwatch??

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  • Fantastic review, honestly the best one I've seen. I appreciate your honesty and I must say after watching this I will be buying one.

    Thanks. Keep up the fantastic work on your channel. xx

  • Hey Jeff I'm looking into investing my money into an activity watch but I want my money to go a long way so I want my watch for running, cross fit, weightlifting, hot yoga, and pilates.  WHat watch would you recommend for all that?  I'm especially aN avid runner just to let you know.

  • I had the Apple Watch for a week and finished up persistent it. Even though I loved it, I ultimately didn't like it enough for $350. I was permanently concerned with scratching it/getting it wet/etc., and loved running with my TomTom Runner much more. If I fall into a creek, it costs considerably less to replace, and is sturdier in general. (Not that I am often diving into creeks, but y'know, stuff happens).

  • Hey another fantastic review and overview. I have a pebble time but have been wanting more for fitness stuff. Was considering a Fenix 3 but have embarrassingly small wrists and that mug us a behemoth of a device on the wrist. Apple watch 2 may be the ticket especially with a tickr x paired up.

  • is there a wits you have the orientation set to left handed use? You wear the watch on your left wrist signifying that you are right handed. Just an observation.

  • You're a very handsome man.

  • This is the first review I see online that goes into the fine points of the operations of the watch I am at an intersection here between the Fenix 3 or the Apple watch. I use to have a V 800 and went ahead to buy Fenix 3 now that I see this review I am lost. I I workout 3 times a week mostly in the gym my Polar H7 and iPhone can do the job well enough but I like having an activity bracelet with smartphone functionality and tracking sleep. The array life of the Apple watch is a let down 

  • Would this watch be a excellent upgrade from the Charge HR? The Sport model.

  • Hi Riz, We like your videos and want to see if you would be interested in cross linking your videos to our blog and we would do the same for you?

  • No GPS is a crime, when you run you don't want to take your phone you and watch and Bluetooth headphones only, I only take my Motorola motoactv watch with me when I run and Bluetooth headphones it tracks my GPS and plays my music and I bought this back in 2011

  • Fantastic review. Thank you


  • Jeff fantastic review! Liked how you swapped the bands upside down.

  • Did you do the new update ?

  • For the slow launching of apps, make sure to install the 1.0.1 update. A lot of excellent fixes, security updates, quicker launching of 3rd have fun apps and seems to work a lot better. It's a fantastic fist update. They also improved Siri with the update. It might mess up the every 10min HBPM, but I found and hard reset with holding both buttons down will fix this after installing the update. Tapping for directions is excellent while driving as a attention notice before your turn or walking and running. I have the 42mm and fits well with the leather loop band.

  • Fantastic review. I really like the Apple Watch. The heart rate watch has been spot on for me for cardio based activities (minus rowing), but is mostly useless during my CrossFit workouts.  Opportunely, that is a non-issue since I pair with with the Polar H7.  

    Once the first major update rolls out and fitness apps go native as opposed to being glorified widgets, look out.  This device is gonna rock.  

    My largest complaint is what Apple is doing with workout data — basically nothing.  I assume they will up their game in this area, but even if they don't, once apps go native, I reckon we will have fantastic access to workout and general activity data.

  • There is no point of having the watch on when you sleep. There seems no way to track your sleep :(

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