Apple Watch Review: Don’t Buy One

Apple Watch h&#1072&#1109 full th&#1077 smartwatch market b&#1091 storm—garnering over 50% marketshare &#1110n &#1112&#965&#1109t a few weeks. Despite th&#1077 sales numbers, &#1110&#1109 &#1110t really a very …


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  • The watch is garbage, I agree.

  • I have been considering getting one, but after researching and watching your video, I reckon I will save my money and go buy me a new pocketbook or a touch I know I can utilize Thanks for the honesty

  • Honeycombs Are For Eating. Not for A Operating System!

    — Android

  • Thank God his opinions on everything reside in no weight and in the end, don't matter

  • I have one and I like it a lot, but yeah I agree it's a flawed product. But, the first iPhone was also sweet flawed (no 3G, no GPS, inferior camera, no App store at launch, no push mail other than Yahoo, etc). Like the first iPhone, it'll eventually come into its own.

  • thanks for your address!

  • The very fact the iPhone has to be conceded to enable the AW to function as a phone really sucks ! It's nothing more than a gimmick device that SJ would not have released under his watch items were innovative ahead of the curve and mostly had the WOW factor , since he left the building Apple are playing catch up and despite the sales struggling to rekindle the magic they once had , Mac man

  • Can't you zoom in on the apps?…..

  • ON IPHONE SIRI IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got one for my birthday but I just wear it for looks. Kinda pointless. An expensive time piece is all it get used for by me really.

  • I so igere ⌚️⌚️F D APPLE WATCH

  • It was also go Blue Screen of Fatality if you have a wrist tattoo

  • I like my Apple Watch.

  • I don't disagree with what's said about the Apple watch they are all reasons not to buy one but the largest one which clarifies all of these is that it's a first gen apple product. All of apples first generation products suck, it's the second gen that gives the huge step up after that you just have to update once every second year if you want to stay up to date and doubtless it's going to be the same thing with this apple watch.

  • Smartwatches are for bone idle people that, apparently, consider taking their phones out of their purses or pockets too physically demanding. Yikes.

  • I honestly don't see the watch being remotely as flawed as you've made it seem. You shouldn't be looking at ANY boundary while driving for starters and from personal experience the watch only requires one hand to sufficiently operate. Are you criticizing Siri as a whole or just the watch based version? The apps are not that slow from personal experience. Yes a slight yes slight lag is apparent. Another thing. Don't compare the watch with android. Why should you compare two different devices that are completely different in nearly every aspect. This was apples first attempt at a first generation product. Did you not expect it to have flaws? If not how would they improve? The watch is worth what people are willing to bombard out for it. Whether you are one of the millions is up to you. I'm sure Apple doesn't care.

  • This is obtuse clearly y'all don't know apple's marketing or any marketing at all. Why would they make the watch better then your phone, that's dumb as fuck then nobody would buy phones anymore, and really it's not meant to replace your phone, it's main purpose is to tell time, and help you not have to pull out you're phone so much when handling business. I'm so sick of people trying to slam apple for dumb shit like I rather spend money on quality and security then on some bullshit everything is free Samsung or android peace of crap devices that are completely none security.

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