Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

In th&#1110&#1109 video I look &#1072t th&#1077 Apple Wireless Keyboard. Th&#1110&#1109 &#1110&#1109 m&#1091 main keyboard th&#1072t I &#965&#1109&#1077 everyday. B&#965&#1091 &#1110t &#959n Amazon: http://amzn.t&#959/1drUo9d Follow m&#1077 &#959n twitter: …


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  • You didn’t mention how to turn off the keyboard. That’s what I wanted to know!

  • do you have any problems with array life with this keyboard? cause we are and its getting to be a bit frustrating.

  • Sorry to say this keyboard is very poor when it comes to AA array life. It requires only full charge Alkaline batteries, and it uses them very quick. It will acknowledge a rechargeable AA batteries but as they charge up to 1.2V only, not like Alkaline batteries which are 1.5V the life of these batteries is super small. In my case I was using Duracel Alkaline AA for the longest lifetime, but after about a month or so I need another pair, while the "used ones" still have plenty of charge in them. It is untrue what the manual states that one can charge NiMH successfully for this keyboard, as I tested it over a year with more than two doezens of various NiMH, and it simply does not work. This is a "very expensive" keyboard when it comes to operating cost, beats hands down all other of my ten keyboards. If Apple want to design a touch really excellent why not to make this one use charge of up to 1V so that NiMH AA which are well-known for keeping this charge for a very long time, could be used successfully in this keyboard. I recharge my other keyboards and other devices with over 40 NiMH AA batteries without any problem, but this keyboard is a terrible knews. It makes my work on iMAC frustrating. Also APPLE mouse suffers from the same syndrome. Designers in APPLE should consider that we want to have economic solution in using this equipment, as we are used to on most of the computers these days. Keeping required voltage in top level of new alkaline batteries only is simply ridiculous as my pile of Duracell AA with charge well into conservational zone on array testers is evenly rejected by these two vital peripherals of my iMAC.
    Very nice design, very poor engineering. I am thinking about persistent to cable keyboard for this computer… this is a result of poor engineering in APPLE. Looks are not everything!

  • if i have a for model a HP laptop, how do i connect this keyboard to my laptop? plzz answer

  • everywhere is the delete button / key on the new 2014 apple wireless keyboard ??? ta

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