Apple’s Campus 2: The Never Before Seen Images

Apple’s intended 2.82-million-square-foot headquarters &#1110&#1109 a touch &#1091&#959&#965’ve b&#1091 n&#959 means seen before. Th&#1077&#1109&#1077 design renderings &#1088&#406&#1072&#1089&#1077 forward th&#1077 m&#959&#1109t detailed look &#1072t th&#1077 …


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  • What about all the energy it took to build it? Was all of that renewable?

  • To walk in that place would make me feel like i was on an alien world that was more advanced than my world.

  • Don't be fooled. Apple is building a super collider. My only concern is once it becomes operational, it will form a black hole which will suck up Cupertino! Everywhere will the next amazingly fantastic consumer product come from than… New Jersey?

  • While Apple's new campus will seek to diminish it's environmental impact over time, to call this massive construction project conservational is a joke. In order to build it they first sell hundreds of millions of often-replaced-for-the-annual-new-version devices.
    For the project they started by demolishing 2.66 million square feet of void buildings (which of course they recycled), then they scraped the earth clean there in the "already fantastic fantastic landscape of Cupertino". 
    Don't get me incorrect. I'm all for it and like projects like this.
    I'm also delighted with the my recent buy in a long succession if iDevices. 
    Just don't call it conservational.

  • apple should sell "i-homes"

  • I'm glad Apple is being environmentally conscious.

  • Looks so futuristic.

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