Crysis VH on 9800GTX+ 4xAA, jungle

Watch &#959n&#406&#1091 HD mode. ASUS P5K SE, EVGA 9800 GTX+(870, 2000, 1370), Intel® Core™ 2Duo E6550 2.33Ghz(overclock 3.33Ghz), RAM 6144Mb 800Mhz. Sorry f&#959r lags &#1110n &#1072n&#1091 places, doubtless &#1110t&#1109 trottling — result &#959f &#1072n overheat &#959f th&#1077 CPU b&#1077&#1089&#1072&#965&#1109&#1077 overclock. Fr&#959m Russia w&#1110th &#406&#1110k&#1077 😀 Рекомендую при возможности смотреть в режиме HD. Моя конфига выше. Приношу свои извенения за фризы и провиси в некоторых местах — это троттлинг — результат перегрева ЦП из-за разгона, когда процессор начинает работать через такт и выдавать дёрганное видео, при этом ГП работает на прежней волне, да ещё и разогнанный… Из России с любовью 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 комментариев к Crysis VH on 9800GTX+ 4xAA, jungle

  • mennogamer559

    @DeckerBens that a 9800gtx can handle that nice!

  • mennogamer559

    map name 😀

  • Gamet00b

    yay breaking benjamin =)

  • capatais777

    @DeckerBens i like you *-*
    my watch is 1280×1024….
    is a beaultiful for me
    aa 2880×1620 is huge wth
    pls run 3870×2160 😮

  • DeckerBens

    @capatais777 Nope.
    Fantastic is 2880×1620 which i’m playing.

  • capatais777

    1280×758 huhaaea
    hideous reso
    beaultiful is 1280×1024

  • xStealth

    @xxsolidsteelxx yeah they suck, better than techno that’s all over crysis videos

  • gamingguy1995

    dud if u whant to see some lagg play on 1920×1080 but i dont get lagg


    so will this run well on a e6600 core 2 duo 2.4ghz?

  • aaaaaSHKA

    Блин, я тоже хочу норм комп, а то у меня одноядерный 1.8 Гц, видюха geforce 5500 fX и озу 512 (((

  • VadimPVO

    а шас че за комп у тебя?



  • dragefyr

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  • dragefyr

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  • thefro7productionz

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  • dragefyr

    @PANDABOIII It werent…I know sweet much evrything about Breaking benjamin thats there to know without you having to stalk the band members all day.
    The song were made for the album, not the game…


    @dragefyr really if im right, the song was on paper specifically for halo 2 aswel as songs by incubus etc. they then added into there album, We are not alone. so tbh it is halo music.

  • dragefyr

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  • dragefyr

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  • thefro7productionz

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  • dragefyr

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  • dragefyr

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  • thefro7productionz

    dude keep your balls on ! i know how to spell disparate you and im not a kid! you are so retarded its amusing! I NEVER SAID I SAW IT ON A YOUTUBE VIDEO NO0B now you get your facts right!.

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  • dragefyr

    @thefro7productionz Album.. Halo 2? dude you know nothing about breaking benjamin, the album is phobia or we are not alone … get your facts right gamer kiddie… Because some random tard uploaded some song on the internet that he heard in halo then he calls the album halo 2, and that so you can download it, dont mean its HALO 2 MUZEEK. ok dude, now grow the fuck up, it wasnt even made for Halo 2, it whas made before, but used in halo 2… get your facts right el blanco 😉

  • thefro7productionz

    @xxsolidsteelxx nope your right!

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