Demonizing Immigrants: As American As Apple Pie

TYT’s Friday Power Panel discussed th&#1077 inaccuracies &#959f last night’s GOP debate, wh&#1110&#1089h led t&#959 a discussion &#959f refugees &#1072n&#1281 h&#959w th&#1077&#1091 &#1072r&#1077 perceived &#1110n th&#1077 west.


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  • Jimmies facial expressions = 10/10
    Anna in this video -10/10

    A piece of entertainment that had the potential to be really fascinating turned into a train wreck by an emotional woman. Can you imagine a qualified woman on a real news rank acting like this?

    Having your opinion and in conflict your case would of been fantastic, that's what I wanted to see her do but this is just obtuse.

  • Very dissapointed on how Ana let her emotions run free during this"debate" and finished up throwing a tantrum at that guy. I noticed that she does that more often then before. And for godsake let the guy speek. This is not Foxnews everywhere they keep yelling at a guest when they don't agree with his opinion. C'mon guys

  • Ana is simply saying that it is incorrect to generalize a whole group of people. I agree. Every Muslim I've ever met has been a warm and fantastic person. I am a Christian who likes my Muslim brothers and sisters

  • Watching Ana Kasparian over the course of years is unquestionably fascinating

  • Over again, "thousands of men" when that was an estimation of the number of people on that place at the time and still the investigation hasn't finished.. Every year there's an average of 10 rapes on Oktoberfest and no one ever hears about it.

  • Ana's tale during the live show was fucked up. She said her fantastic-grandfather knew the Turks were coming to rape his daughter and kill him, so he killed his daughter and then killed himself.

  • They also believe that Kufr women are no better than animals and can be full as sex slaves. What they believe about their women is terrible enough, but what they believe about Kufr women, that's the real rape culture.

  • But much I agree with Ana, I wanted to hear what my fellow britishman had to say.

  • It's so unadorned. Does the culture allow sexually assaults? No. So it's not the culture

  • The title says it all- demonizing 'other' people is what Americans value. They don't value the human dignity of other cultures, let alone, give women equal respect. Ana argues for the American values that Americans say they hold. She questions why are Americans 2-faced bigots. I reckon it is a very honest question to question. Ana has argued this same point with Cenk in anticipation of she was blue in the face, and even Cenk didn't get it in anticipation of the very end. Why is it so hard for people to be with you Ana? It seems what she is saying flies over the head of people. Ana shouldn't have to contend with even 1 American. As an American, u should already agree with her. The very people who claim to have American values, or Christian values, who claim to have patriotism, are the same people who treat foreigners, and women, and rape victims, as immediately doubtful. Americans paint a broad picture that 'the other' is to be feared. This mentality is what is sick in America.

  • why are muslims in the UK getting more radical

  • I rarely disagree with TYT, but they seem completely blinkered on the issue of the mass rape of German women by largely Muslim men. I mean, this crime has made me reconsider my position on admitting refugees to Europe. Women and Children, Yes. But men of a certain age should be detained and thoroughly vetted and educated first. Moreover, they should all be monitored so that any criminal act would lead to immediate deportation.

  • Ana, you should have a discussion with Cenk about the genocide since he has been disappointedly evasive on the issue. Elliot was making a rational point about the subjugation of women in Muslim countries. The majority of these countries do not have equal rights for women. They treat them like shit. I was born in Iran and my parents went through hell, uprooted themselves from their home country to give us a better life. So I empathize with the refugees. But you didn't engage Elliot on his point. You skirted the issue and went off on other tangents. He brought balance to the discussion which TYT needs more of. American misogyny is a problem but comparing it to the way women are treated in Muslim theocracies is a fake equivalence.

  • Just to clarify the culture is that yes women do dress modestly, BUT MEN KEEP THEIR GAZES LOW. That is just as vital. If a Muslim man sees a woman, dressed modestly or not. He looks down. He doesn't touch her. He doesn't look at her over again. If the man sexually assaults, its his flaw.

  • It's fascinating that nobody, nobody is talking about what Muslim women have to say about a bunch of drunken louts, for whom religion was doubtless the furthest thing in they're minds. The guys in cologne all have mothers and sisters — how would they feel about their brother or son behaving in this atrocious manner. But I guess that doesn't count, after all — they're just women.

  • Ana brings up Orwell 4:27 Ohh the sweet sweet irony.

  • I reckon the British guy should be on more often.

  • Ana 100% on point. They need to be reminded inadequately dressed women doesn't mean they are open to being raped.

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