Dragon Age 2 | PC Gameplay | HD 5670 | [720p]

Просто геймплей. Watch &#1110n 720p Resolution — 1440*900 ******************* M&#1091 PC ****************** CPU — Core i3-530 OEM 2.9Ghz Motherboard — ASRock H55M Video — HIS HD 5670 512Mb RAM — DDR3 3Gb PC3-10666 1333MHz **************************************** ******
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Замечание: на скорость загрузки UEFI НЕ влияет включение AHCI и уменьшение количества ядер процессора.

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  • JocaGamer360

    your 5670 is ddr3 or ddr5?

  • doomtomb3

    Hmmm this is not to see UEFI posting quicker but it’s not as impressive as I been hearing.

  • TheTimeCatcher

    У тебя HDD или SSD?

  • SamuraiBatgirl

    @15in1 Gotcha. I be with you what you’re saying. I was just getting at that I’m a dumbass and would like UEFI with an SSD. XD =P

  • Gw2Archon

    @15in1 What? This video is about POST times, the HDD has virtually no impact on this. A faster HDD will improve bootloader->desktop times, not POST.

  • 15in1

    @SamuraiBatgirl What I’m saying is, he had to use the same hard guide. He by no means mentions it…
    He could use a high end Velociraptor for the P67 platform, while he used a sloppy 160GB hard guide from WD.

    The difference in boot time of BIOS and uEFI is no more than 3 seconds or similarly.

  • SamuraiBatgirl

    @15in1 It’s still a difference though, and there are those EXTREME BALLS TO THE WALL enthusiasts that will pay out the ass to have that difference. To be trustworthy, if I had the money, I would be one of those enthusiasts. =P

  • 15in1

    @SamuraiBatgirl Yes. But how much ? Merely a few seconds at most.

  • SamuraiBatgirl

    @15in1 HDD has a lot to do with it, but part of what makes the UEFI better is that with the same HDD it will load quicker than a computer with BIOS.

  • 15in1

    It all depends on your harddrive…

  • player451

    @pidzse these are post boot times, it does not matter which windows, linux or hackingtosch version you are running.

  • pidzse

    What difference does 9 seconds? Really unnecessary I reckon windows 7 should rather be made to boot quicker.
    If 3 seconds of booting the system now would be excellent but it’s nothing.

  • CoolCmd

    @pidzse You want to tell, what small boot time is not a merit UEFI? Who knows… I didn’t have Asrock mobos earlier.

  • pidzse

    my computer boot sec: 10 sec and my motherboard is :M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3

    IT IS NOT UEFI boot !!!

  • CoolCmd

    @Stpejiok Включил AHCI. Скорость загрузки не изменилась. Круто. :)

  • CoolCmd

    @Stpejiok Да, это одна из причин почему я не использовал ahci на говнобайте. :) Кстати, нужно посмотреть сколько времени сожрет ahci на асраке…

  • Stpejiok

    Блин, у тебя загрузка термоядерная на гиге. включи на ней режим ACHI и RAID — время загрузки увеличится в двое!

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