Elon Musk believes Apple is making an electric car (2016.1.11)

During &#1072n interview w&#1110th th&#1077 British Broadcasting Corporation, Elon Musk &#1109&#1072&#1091&#1109 &#1110t &#1110&#1109 &#1072n «open secret» th&#1072t Apple &#1110&#1109 m&#1072k&#1110n&#609 a rival electric car. H&#1077 &#1072&#406&#1109&#959 predicts …


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  • Socialism favors central plotting monopoly & cronyism over free competition.

    Musk favors capitalism & competition, but I wish he also favored FREE competition instead of political manipulation via taxes & regulation ENFORCED at the point of a policeman's gun.

  • You are the best Elon ….!!!! And your team

  • Elon took huge financial and career risks in the name of technological progress.

  • Im ready for March, Tesla Model 3.

  • hahaha Tesla is only going to keep dominating going forward!

  • apple's pockets are too deep, they'll decimate tesla, excellent time to buy apple $100

  • But if apple made a car… Would it have windows?

  • why do I like this man and his thoughts more every time I see him. Even though I've heard him voice those thoughts for over a hundred times already. He's so damn incredible. It nearly makes me dread that people will get bone idle because they know as long as there are saviors like him around, the world will doubtless be a safe place.

  • hi. everywhere is the full interview please ??

  • Apple's brand would be very threatened by a car. It's hard to make a car if you make small consumer electronics everyone can own vs a touch only really wealthy people can afford (the fee premium is tolerable at ~1000 dollars, much less so for a car). They would really risk their brand with this. Starting another brand is completely out of the question because that's one of their most valuable assets.
    Plus Apple has exactly no experience in car making, so there is no point promotion it under a different brand. There are not really any innovative manufacturing processes that would not mean an insane premium (over again, things you can do with a phone but not a car). You can't mill a car out of a solid block of aluminium. A car can not be designed to be thrown away after two years. You would need servicing (that's not Apple). How would they manufacture? Contracting a manufacturer and shipping it over from China might work for phones, but for cars? Tesla is taking years just to ramp up production of one model.
    They would have to face safety standards and other regulations. Plus, an SUV? If anything they would have to make a limousine to stay premium. Only the richest could afford that and while it might get a lot of attention it would frustrate people.
    Apple is a company making very small things that are reduced to the minimum and expensive, but affordable.
    They shouldn't be making a car. They might try. But I don't reckon it will be very thriving.

    On the other hand everyone making an electric car is very welcome. Even if it just stirs attention (which it would, a lot) that's fantastic.

  • Oh gosh… Elon gained some belly during christmas brake.

  • There was one last segment missing from this interview:

    When the interviewer questioned for comment about the SpaceX-BlueOrigin rocket competition between him and Jeff Bezos, Elon simply answers,


  • Your dating system is extremely irritating.

  • "What Im trying to do is minimize future existential threats, or take whatever action to ensure the future is excellent" Who in the world says that ever?!?!?!?! What CEO?

    Elon is more than meets the eye.

  • Also, one more thing… Elon is clearly a combination of Howard Huges/Henry Ford/Edison, etc. Elon please take care of your safety, such disruptive those have been so heavily persecuted in the history of humanity. Rendezvous's and imprisonment, and worse. Please be careful of your security. Humanity needs you, and your ideals are the same as those of many brilliant those who have not the platform or resources to place their thoughts and ideals into action as you are today. You reside in forward the torch of the many and few may even be with you its right brightness, whilst those who try to extinguish it will surely be those who fail to see the light.

  • Awesome Elon. Seems sweet prophetic. So many speeches he hints to the factor that our life on Earth maybe facing imminent danger. You have to wonder, if he was from the future with any certain info… how would he be any different than who is is today?

  • People who permanently question Elon about competitors seem to misunderstand, there is no competition for Elon Musk. His goal is to accelerated transformation to renewable resources. For all companies. His business is in making value for humanity.

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