How BlackBerry Plans to Take on Apple

Nov. 6 — BlackBerry Chairman &#1072n&#1281 CEO John Chen discusses th&#1077 company’s n&#1077w Android device, th&#1077 Priv, autonomous driving &#1072n&#1281 plans f&#959r th&#1077 software …


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  • I have the Blackberry Priv, & to be trustworthy I'm not a Blackberry fan, I had one Blackberry some years back, but by no means took to it. I liked it, well built excellent performance etc. In the meantime I've had Samsung's HTC's, Motorola, even an iphone, & 2 Sony Xperia's, which were awesome by the way. But, this phone is an awesome beast in every sense. What I like most about is, right in the adjoin it's business, everything catered for, even your name on the office door. But, at the back you have a full blown have fun going on with all the apps, I'd say this is an Android upgrade in every sense. It's Fantastic.

  • Blackberry, then Apple, what's next? Grape?

  • This woman is really annoying

  • Despised android from day dot when BlackBerry introduced OS 10 ,i saw this was the way. If they go the android only way then I'll need to find an operating system other than the main 2 . Possibly the linex OS. They also have smack and multitasking.

  • That woman was so annoying… I could only imagine what it would be like to go to a restaurant with her. I feel like she'd want to speak to the manager 15 min after arriving.

    On another note… I have fantastic hopes for this phone!! I've wanted a phone with a trackpad on the keyboard since SEVENTH GRADE. They read my mind <3 And a tactile keyboard is a touch we could use over again in our day.

  • I still like blackberry, just waiting for a excellent stable affordable BB phone with BB10 OS and a excellent amount of app selection. I Like BB10 OS, its very stable and polished disparate Android.

  • Must say PRIV is no way akin to its ancestors, incredible phone. Few days ago I was a blackberry hater for my classic, some apps worked crap and they would do nothing to make it better. Got the PRIV, just like it :) Would have loved to hear more on which platform the company would focus in the future I.e. android or theirs own OS10.

  • Someone paid these people to make a negative impression of BlackBerry? Or are they just huge douches.

  • gotta like chen, very cool and trustworthy.

  • It's a pity he came on board so late into the game, he would doubtless have saved blackberry phones rather than just turning into anither android maker. Oh well, c'est la vie.

  • everyone speaking aside from John, is a complete turd.

  • the media people are so rude

  • it's about time blackberry adopted android

  • I have the priv it's worth the money

  • I have the PRIV for about a week now. Terrific phone! It is an enhanced Android phone, and has the added Blackberry security and business apps built in. It's email system facility very much like the OS10 email system. Blackberry is a terrific phone for productivity and security.

  • I only wish that BlackBerry won't give up on their OS now that they went android.. BlackBerry 10 rules!

  • Americans sure are cut throat… lol
    Go Blackberry!

  • The lady said "this is your dojo" wow way to play on his Asian background.

  • It's John Chenaaaaaaaaa

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