HTC Flyer hands on

HTC Flyer tablet hands &#959n. Первый планшет HTC под управлением Android
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  • t13c6

    this is my fall back just in case the hp touchpad doesn’t come out or is more then 500 bucks.it looks really cool!!! portable like the Samsung tab but stylish like any of their other HTC products…awesome and I’m not an apple person…sorry!!!

  • Lawtsy15

    Anyone with an android device check out my channel for some steller app reviews

  • fpsBeaTt

    If anyone really thinks this is going to compete on some level with iPad, then whatever hippy juice it is they’re smoking, I want some. It’s obviously some really excellent shit.

  • AlbertoCSAT

    @pettystone no one is trying to copy, they are just using what people like, its called plea, be trustworthy, ipad claims it’s awesome with it’s new system and retina show, oooooooo, even though everything else in the world has HD view now, why so high and mighty, it has a lame camera, and because it is such a ‘unadorned’ ui it’s dumb, all it does is allow you to have apps. Joy.

  • pettystone

    Apple is the Tablet pc market Leader and they really deserve it. Unadorned and thin Design
    , A5 dualcore, facetime , quick internet. All other Brands just try to do the rigorous Same Thing and they fail everytime.

  • nanllyn

    Want to see the device more than the guy. Can’t really get a excellent look at it.

  • w0sh1m3

    @crazyfool5xx7 umm its just you.

  • F3lixMjamjar

    @blstonee I wanna know everywhere you keep the pen!

  • Benjomatic

    Alot of people seem to be touting the xoom as they iPad beater. I reckon this small beauty might be the one with the best chance. HTC make some fantastic devices.

  • TheDarkGl0ve

    Oh fantastic! It shows you animation of what the weather is like!

    Why do they spend so much time and try on fucking weather widgets?!

    If I want to know what the weather is like, I will look out the window and watch it in realtime.

  • GiorgioPanadgi

    please watch video on my channel for concise overview of htc flyer. thank you

  • crazyfool5xx7

    Is it just me, or is it extremely laggy compared to HTC phones like Desire?

  • MissZach808

    Everyone is waiting for these damn tablets to come out. Which all seem to come out in March-April! WTF!

  • xxddxxxxxxddxdxxdddx

    Hey ѕᴏṙṙy ƒoṙ bеⅰnɡ oƒƒ ṭορⅰс, but I’m ѕрreаdіnɡ ⅿy еⅹ ɡirǀfrіеnⅾ’s sеx tаρe aṙoսnd. Wȟỵ? Wеɭl, beсaսѕe ѕhе’ѕ а ხⅰṭcȟ. She ⅾеsеrᴠеd iṭ, so ɡo ahеаⅾ anⅾ ᴡaṭⅽh iṭ. Tհе ɭiոḱ іs on mỵ рṙoḟile (ᴢіp pаssԝᴏrd iѕ 123)

  • ialexvd11

    I don’t want to see the guy, I want to see the tablet!! Do you know what a zoom in is? Terrible video

  • IndivisiblePrinciple

    THis thing will be a excellent device, I am sure of it.

    I recently had a Galaxy tab and the fact is that its really a different experience than iPads or any 10″ tablets. It is legitimately a different category of user experience and its a excellent one. Jobs claimed the 7″ tablet was not bonafide but that is unquestionably incorrect. «Pocket» size tablets are extremely bonafide.

    ANyway I can already see that this is better than the Galaxy tab, problem is HTC was slow to the draw. whaa whaa

  • iTunatic

    @tukularwanawong iPad, and the iPad 2.

  • NitekMuscle

    The apparent ability to take precise notes and start detailed drawings places it ahead of the iPad for me.

  • beshoy12359

    this thing is now everywhere near a computer and will not beat the ipad 2

  • malgacho

    He’s such a sellout.

  • tukularwanawong

    iPad, Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Flyer, Playbook.. which one is the best??

  • YourPervertNextDoor

    This tablet has better specs than my $900 laptop I bought three years ago…

  • voidlam

    @Caoimghin Dude it hasn’t been fully sorted yet, when it’s released it’s software will be updated and quicker :3

  • QuarterPounder2195

    IPAD ftw

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