hTC HD2 runs WP7s

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  • AXooooXA

    Guys now Windows Phone 7 facility perfectly on HTC HD2 without any laag and we can access the market 😀 but still windows phone 7 is nothing compared with the android market but im sure it’ll get there someday ^^

  • SmartAps89

    op Free Games for WP7: Rotate and Roll

    Simple to Play — Hard to Master — Impossible to Place down

    Your objective in this fun physics game is to rotate your way through 20 challenging levels. To complete a level, roll your ball guy to the raindrop. Pay attention, as some levels require you to first collect a star in order to activate the exit point. Use the fiddle with on the screen and go it in the much loved direction
    to rotate the level around. Have fun!

  • ben42us

    Windows Phone 7 is the best mobile OS now.. i been using it for two days..

  • mikeysmoment

    @FPRobber But the cpu’s are about eqaul

  • FPRobber

    @mikeysmoment Oh right, I forgot about that.

  • mikeysmoment

    @FPRobber BS the Galaxy s is far quicker GPU wise

  • FPRobber

    @Cryengine Really the iPhone 4 is on par with the Galaxy S is which is still one of the fastest smartphones. That will change in the coming months when the first dual core phones are released though.

  • Txepetzcatl

    That ain’t slow! Is excellent enough as to get to that far!

  • strgzr53

    @Odisho hey dumb ass gather to read. okay guys. this is a beta driver. its gonna be slow because this is all software. its not using the hardware gpu thats in the hd2, so stop wining saying its «laggy». obviously a touch this beta, before even the first windows phone 7 run phone (wtf?) comes out and after microsoft even said theres no way in hell its gonna run on the hd2, is gonna be laggy. so shut up and stop wining! we should be celebrating we’ve gotten this far!

    Ascendsct 9 months ago

  • geminidreamtime

    so can anyone tel me how to get it ?_? xDDD

  • onlyswet82

    Try Iconsoft PhonEx. Best for HD2!

  • Odisho


  • SGFR90


  • SGFR90


  • SGFR90


  • tejsucks


  • mobstar1187

    iphone gave us the simplest of design and UI … and they by no means changed the screen size (well they by no means had to) … disparate the windows phones ….. everytime i got a new phone with windows OS i would be «FUK!!!!!!!! i got to quest the apps for this phone over again» coz even though they had the same os the fukin screen size didnt match …. although right now most of the new windows phone have the same pixels but they still have a long way to go…. they look gr8 but… needs more apps

  • DOLLARsuleimanov

    дорога в тысячу миль,начинается с первого шага))) It’s has begun)))

  • sale666

    Rofl right i did try to place froyo but had distress =(… arghhh it didnt want to work so i got pissed off and sold it XD

  • FPRobber

    @Cryengine The iPhone 4’s hardware is very similar to high end Android and WP7 smartphones.

  • SGFR90

    what kind of version you used hd2 of Spain or the United States

  • SGFR90

    Una pregunta para el que realizo este vídeo ¿Que tipo de htc hd2 utilizaste?(la version de españa o la que se maneja actualmente en estados unidos, la de mayor capacidad)

  • 19423j

    @djpuente oh im just saying wp7 is shit and 2.2 on the hd2 is better. i place 2.1 on my hd2 a while back and didnt like it but now that i have 2.2 that facility perfectly and super ridiculously smooth and i dont reckon ms is going in the right direction with apps. i just despise the way winmo is setup and i unquestionably despise the ui of wp7. its just not appealing to me. i dont like how plain jane it is. id rather have all the custom features of froyo than all the non existent features of winmo or wp7.

  • siscopiso

    @19423j right that, I’m promotion my deisre to get a hd2 so I can run froyo,win7 or winmo on it. its the perfect device to have if you want to keep experiencing different os.

  • jaime0131

    does it support flash??

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