I celebrate being post-PC for two whole years on New Year’s Day!


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  • Pleased New Year! Sounds like you passed your resolution. Do you scope? If not, why???? You can interact more and still upload to YouTube.

  • I like the nature background!

  • I like the way you recorded this outdoors … nice style.

    Congratulations on experimenting and sticking with it .. you are ahead of your time.

    We have the disadvantage of being PC in the first place .. many are luckier .. they have by no means been PC in the first place … e.g. thise in developing countries and millennials.

  • I'm nearly post Google+ for 2 months. lol
    I'm so disappointed with the new look..
    Google+ was my go-to app first thing in the morning.. I don't disturb now…
    They did the same to YouTube but it's getting better..
    Nice Vlog btw…

  • Post PC is the future. Congrats for staying with iOS man. Lead the way.

  • Incredible camera and scenery. Was it really hand held? Incredible stabilisation! Yes i reckon too.

  • Loved this video, fantastic scenery all around too! I agree with you, as i said on twitter, ARM is the future of the Mac. I wont even reckon to buy another Mac in anticipation of Apple's own chips are powering it. The last computer bought in my home was a 2011 macbook pro and it was for my wife, she just sold it and bought herself an ipad pro like me. I havent had a computer myself since before the original ipad came out. Being Post PC since that time is what brought me to your videos, keep up the fantastic work!

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