Karfagen vs. Lich King ( heroic 25 ) RU First — part 2

European Raid company: Karfagen (Карфаген) Server: EU-Booty Bay (Пиратская бухта) Homepage: karfagen-wow.ru Point &#959f View: Amia Priest (Амия прист) Armory Link: eu.wowarmory.com Please rate, comment &#1072n&#1281 subscribe! Thank &#1091&#959&#965 =)
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • TheGenitalGrinder


  • knighttoshiaghbca

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  • Timikawenue

    hi! cool video, whats the name of the addon that shows XP and MANA?

  • shubhangiahlawat714

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