Lera, The Shining Star


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  • Awesome…..We know the tree by the fruit it bears!

  • Permanently know when to walk away. Don't be a follower You Be The Leader. Let your mothers life be that guide to help you make the right choices.
    Congrat!!!! and I know you are going to make her proud.

  • Above all things don't reckon that freshman year does not count, it is the most vital part and will set the pace for you…Do it right the first time and you will have smooth sailing all the way through Older year and graduation…Congrats on being a freshman!!

  • My son who just graduated said to tell you: Do all of your assignments and homework the first time. Period. Do not let yourself fall in the rear. Freshman year GPA counts too!
    I want you to dredge up to delight in and explore clubs and interest groups. Get tutors if you need them and start looking into college choices this year so that you will know what is required to go everywhere you want to go. It is okay to evolve and change — stay right to the real you at all times. We are praying for your success.

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