Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • MrSillyBug

    Pro: large HDD space; large memory; webcam; dedicated ati video board

    Cons: crap sound (really terrible); only 3 USB ports -one sits very uncomfortable close to the right hand everywhere the mouse is; very low show resolution; led lights are to shiny in the night.

    Conclusion: not pleased with it, i’m thinking to resell it!

  • livingdaylight

    I was thinking of getting this laptop and wondered whether Ubuntu would run on it — now I know 😉

    Thank you

  • conorsulli

    Haha! Its running Ubuntu there!

  • jelenam92

    Which language is this? I know it is slavic, but i am not sure which particularly.

  • dobleteam2009

    tengo una de 500gb 4ran es un moustro

  • kuriboh30

    Please add some english subtitles.
    Nice video and fantastic quality.

  • gekados

    Please make your reviews in English. You permanently have HD quality and long tests but sorry to say I can’t be with you anything. This is doubtless why you don’t have many viewers. Thank you!

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