My XBMC Users and SUBSCRIBERS — lets VOTE — Who the hell do I sound like ?


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  • Beyond doubt Ray Ramono but it's doubtless because most of us sounds different when recorded but Not Peter Griffen. Like the Voice & Videos

  • I place together a small unadorned list for you guys looking for an Android Based Box for XBMC/KODI ….. . . .
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    2.) Additionally, a very excellent competitor for the Google Nexus Player is the Amazon Fire TV, and if interested in the Amazon Fire TV, then simply click here -> [ссылка] (Affiliate)
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    4.) Now, if you want a touch even more powerful, and more-so Gaming ready as a full fledged Entertainment Focal point along with XBMC/KODI capabilities, then I'd have to recommend the Nvidia Shield PLUS Game Pad here -> [ссылка] (Affiliate) or for the same setup with the additional remote -> Nvidia Shield + Game Pad + Remote Control [ссылка] (Affiliate) and this one comes with the Game Pad just like the one above but packed with the regular remote control along with much more power ~
    5.) Lastly, if ya want a touch really really cheap and you're on a very tight budget, then I'd have to recommend the Amazon Fire TV Stick as a very last resort. It's decent and does the job for XBMC/KODI but has much less capabilities though, but if ya just need XBMC/KODI installed, and you're a bit computer savoir-faire with side loading stuff + ya don't mind it being slower than the rest then here's the link for you -> [ссылка] (Affiliate)
    Me in person, my best recommendations from this small list would be the Google Nexus Player (best bang for buck) or the Nvidia Shield (most capabilities) ….. . . .
    I really hope this helps some of ya out there ~

  • I have been told that I look like Peter Griffin so you have the simple part.  You just sound like him so if you do not want someone to reckon you are him all you have to do is be silent. Me, i look like him so I can not hide it.  Also, you sound like a guy that I want to be friends with.  I am not gay.  I gotta a wife too.  children too.  I like your videos.

  • You sound like you 

  • Joe Pesci.  From Goodfellas.   Down to earth.  No phoney BS.

  • You sound like Robert De Niro

  • Incredible videos Joe  but you do sound  like  Joe Pesci  no and that's a excellent thing you tell it how it is and are helping all of us out especially those of us new to xbmc  Like your videos brother keep it up  ive probley watched all of them at smallest amount 5 times or more now and have been sending your link to everyone I can reckon of simply incredible  Man. Hope you finally got your SUB Kinda wish I could have drove to your place and bought you one just for helping us out .

  • I reckon you are hilarious and you sound like Joe Pesci . And it's a excellent thing too because his name is Joe and your name is Joe and now I gotta go . Keep making them vids I like em

  • Sound Like JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ya sound HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,, TY  Jack

  • Dude your hilarious you deserve more subs!!. Keep making those videos 

  • you sound like yourself.  ;  )

  • i like your videos — your presentation is awesome — and very informative — you tell it how it is — keep doing what your doing it mate — i for one appreciate it :)

  • the timber of your voice does sound like ray romano, but your style of talking is more in line with joe pesci from the show wise guys… regardless of  how you sound, you are a excellent person. the fact that you get on here to help your fellow man out is a huge plus for you in my book. dont sweat the small things Joe… you keep doing your thing and fuck the rest who cant take a joke… you are cooler then most people i know.. take care

  • I like it.. your fantastic.. you do sound like both at certain times.

  • Are you talking to me?

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