NAVAL INTELLIGENCE: Apple Is Giving The Chinese Government The Keys To The Kingdom

Jack Posobiec joins Alex Jones live via Skype t&#959 br&#1077&#1072k down h&#959w th&#1077 Chinese government &#1110&#1109 getting data &#959n Americans through Apple devices, essentially handing over th&#1077 keys t&#959 th&#1077 US internet….


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  • Apple helping its Chinese comrades develop genocide list like Nazis did before World War II with IBM. "… IBM's technology helped facilitate Nazi genocide through generation and tabulation of punch cards based upon national census data." Sound traditional in today's Silicon Valley world?

  • That has nothing to do with Human Rights, its not because they don't have that. They don't have any type of law, at smallest amount in anticipation of the 90's they only have a communist "constitution" with 10~20 articles, none of them talking about the rights of their citizens. Before Human Rights society's were savages? No. Most country had advance legislation even in excess in some places. The problem is that their law is based on communism, on marxism. That's their problem. I'm not talking about human don't having any rights. I'm talking about that paper call Human Rights that is more use for evil deeds than any other thing. Like the rampage criminality in some places. Human Rights is literally a tool for leftists world wide to impose their agenda/narrative.
    At smallest amount that is my vision on the subject. Is not like people were not executed or got send to pick some stones before. It work very well. Tell me how many serial killers and homicides have back than compare to today and don't come with the population increase bullshit. The fact is that they threw away their ancient urban law system instead of modernizing it and did the revolution as any failed state. Is not falling now because all the leftist in the world join hands to sell their country to that shit hole. There's a excellent book call, "Colors of the Mountain" by Da Chen. Is a book that talks a small about the life in China during the 60's forward.

  • I've by no means used apple products or ever will

  • thank billy the willy the traitor who according to some sources sold all of Americas military secrets to China and the democant communists help him do it that was in 98

  • it's war or fatality for America it's apparent as it gets..they have our jobs they have full the petro dallor out of the picture in few weeks and the only thing to stop this is war and ruin China Japan both Korea and take back our economy our top status..it not hard to c..I reckon we r fucked folks.

  • If you like your FREEDOM you had better drop all Apple products!!!!!

  • We need an investigation into the democrat have fun colluding with the chi coms?lol

  • "Sheriff" Israel is only a political hack . He needs to go back to his Islamic friends at that mosque because he dose not care about the American people all he cares about is him self

  • China is sweet much going back to imperialism. The Communist have fun is just a new dynasty and Xi Jinping is the Emperor.

  • Larger issue right now — the UN is in quest of to implement a ban on religious critisizm… read "banning critisizm of Islam".

    The UN is in quest of to force this ban on all member nations.

    Obummer is wanting the Sec. General position.

    So shut is up
    Disarm us
    Allow Islam To Openly Invade
    Send in the blue helmets under Obummer to end us off.

    America needs out if the UN. NOW.

    Question: why did China treat Trump so well — compared to the way they treated Obummer?

    CHANNEL…. [ссылка]

  • That's why they don't want Russo American alliance. Chicoms don't stand a chance. Trump we need better relations with our Russian Christian brothers.

  • China and Saudi Arabia can thump our economy so easily. We are heavily indebted to them

  • Subscriptions have rocketed………thanks cnn

  • Omg. We are going to be so screwed. Boycott apple, use another phone, bankrupt them. We cannot let the communists in the door!

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