Nike+ Apple Watch Series 4 — Runner’s Early Review

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  • Wrist circumference? Was that the 44mm Apple watch?

  • The Nike Run Club app detects that you stopped and automatically pauses the run. Well, it does that for the iPhone app.

  • Hi. 1) Autopause? 2) Can you program workouts (e.g. intervals) into this watch? 3) re the band; I'd call that wave incident a failure of that band 4) As a smart watch sounds sweet cool 5) gorgeous

  • Garmin or suunto much better than apple watch for sport

  • I’ve tried my Apple Watch Run 4 vs my Forerunner 230 and I have to say that it is sweet spot on.

    Admittedly, Garmin watches are better “athletic” devices, but for me as a non pro runner it is hard to justify 700 + dollars for a high end Garmin watch to use once a day. Also, for me a literally use my Apple Watch everyday, for work, sleep, my runs…. etc. So it facility perfectly.

  • I loved your review of the Run 4 Nike version watch. I own the run 3 Nike version and although I like the watch, I have not found it to be an passable watch for serious runners/racers. I compete in many races throughout the year and have been frustrated by this watch. I was hoping it would have been redesigned with the Run 4 to have a better start/stop boundary, but it appears to be the same.
    Here are some of the problems:
    1. When starting the watch in a race the touch screen is not dependable and lags. When the gun goes off you need a positive and dependable mechanical start switch. In cold weather the touch screen may not work and you spend valuable seconds retouching the screen while your competition just left you in the dust. This seems to be right for both the Nike and Strava apps. If the programmers could temporarily assign the watch stem to start/stop that would be fantastic.
    2. When I look at my watch during a race I want to see my time, pace and heart rate in a large font. I don't want to be forced to flip screens etc. I don't have time or energy for that.
    3. When I come to the end line, I want the watch ready to hit the stop switch. I can't be flipping screens to find the stop touch screen. I want an accurate time that straight away stops the timer at the end line without reading and touching a screen.
    The Nike app as it functions now is fine for joggers who use it for motivation and social interaction with their friends and this is fantastic. I would like a serious runners mode that gives the basic stop watch functions that are dependable like the Garmin and other running watches.
    This is the most expensive running watch that I have ever bought but it doesn't live up to the hype in anticipation of it is refined for racing. I am looking forward to the blood pressure function that may be in future watches along with the new ECG function.
    If other runners have solved these problems, please leave some feedback.

  • I really can't choose between this and the fitbit ionic adidas edition…

  • When you spin the digital crown after pressing a water button, the watch is really ejecting water from the speakers. The speakers pulse sound at 165Hz which is the frequency at which water tends to exit for some wits and it clears it up. Otherwise the speakers will sound very muffled.

  • dude, your content is fantastic and gets exponentially better by the month. Props and keep up the fantastic work. you're an inspiration to me and others!

    Will (originally from Chicago ! now in Columbus OH)

  • Permanently gives fantastic reviews with advice I by no means would’ve thorough before purchasing

  • The video is more fascinating than the watch itself. Fantastic job!

  • Want to see a workout with repeating splits that are different distances. Also a marathon runner and hard pressed to give up my Garmin. Keep up the fantastic work on the videos!

  • NRC is a joke! It has some fantastic guided runs, but you can't export data or share it with other apps at all. If you're a casual runner that doesn't really care about having data to analyze or share, NRC is fine, but it's way too safe and sound down on data for more serious runners.

    The Strava app on watch didn't seem fantastic to me. I prefer to use native Apple workouts for runs and then use RunGap to port the data over to Strava.

    Additional benefit — RunGap tracks shoes, so that fixes your shoe tracking issue!

  • Someone may have said this already, but you're held to flip the orientation of the belt around for swimming to avoid the velcro coming off. Look at your sport loop instructions in the box if you still have it!

  • Does the Nike Run club app work with a Garmin watch or no?

  • nice early impression review. Btw, do you have the GPS only or the cellular + GPS version of the watch? I am also a garmin user but I am considering switching. Like you, I want the ability to respond to texts, use apple pay, use the apple wallet, play music from watch etc. Also want to be able to sync my run data with Nike Run Club and Strava. Reading the comments, it looks like it might be possible to sync run data via third have fun apps. In a future video, could you comment on running with Apple's "workout" app and then syncing (via 3rd have fun app) run data to Garmin Connect. I'm wondering that once that data syncs with Garmin Connect that the run data will also be shared with NRC and Strava. As permanently, keep up the fantastic work.

  • I'd go 935 for training and Apple watch for daily driver :) Also, kofuzi what camera are you using at home when you film? I'm hoping you'll say the gopro as your full-time solution haha

  • You can pause it on the Apple Watch.. you push both the crown and the lower button together. The Apple Watch is incredible.

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