Обзор клавиатуры Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

Игровая клавиатура Logitech G110 fotos.ua идеальное оружие для кибер-сражений. Перевод на русский: fotos.ua
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  • basstard013

    It’s scissor + dome means. Like laptops. But disparate laptops with ‘chicklet’ layout, it has a standard desktop keys, which means it’s more prone to having dirt getting under, And Scissor being mechanical don’t like that. So yeah, you need to look after it.

    I also have a Illuminated Keyboard, similar, if more complex means, and of course privileged quality. Softer touch as well, and it’s well, sweet awesome :) No problem after 2 years, and the UltraX is holding up nice.

  • basbas63

    @basstard013 well.. yeah at school they use the keyboards like monkeys O_O

  • basstard013

    @basbas63 They’re not monkey-proof. No problem so far with mine. Feels sturdier and heavier than the competition and the typing is fantastic.

  • basbas63

    We have them at school, but they seem to break very quick compared to other keyboards

  • ThegMAH

    i agree with mattloaf92. seems very excellent for its fee.

  • artkalnins

    I’ve got exactly the same keyboard, but do not know how to switch it from Latin to Cyrilica. In unadorned words — How can I switch from English to Russian? Can you help?

  • MattLoaf92

    Seems like a really nice keyboard. I’m very tempted to get one.

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