Quake 2 5800

Quake 2 5800
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Произошло землетрясение Японии запуска оповещения о цунами Тихоокеанский центр предупреждения о цунами Японский Finder лица Quake 8.9

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  • thainguu

    the best game emulator for Symbian s60v5!

  • undernetpolice

    @bizarotrips bit ly /a1bGeC (remove the chairs and place a dot between bit and ly)

    you got full instructions there
    it’s really sweet fun :)

  • michelin21213434

    wie bekomme ich das auf mein nokia ?

  • e1dy

    video sony plastation !

  • michelin21213434

    wie bekomm ich das auf mein Handy?

  • TheReyruls

    canu giv a link of virtual key singed?

  • kecskef6

    How do you controll it this excellent?? I didn’t saw you shake the phone or moving it up down left right. how?

  • KITO55rockstar

    link???????? please

  • TigerGeo

    No thought mate… but when will people start making HD games for 5800?? like the polarbit ones… I sick of java crap!

  • imperialpod


    When will someone, ANYONE, just make a mouse app for the 5800?

    Thats all we need now, nothing else please, just mouse support, with a small pointer icon, nothing fancy.

    Surely Nokia shoulda done this by now?

  • imperialpod

    When will someone, ANYONE, just make a mouse app for the 5800?

    Thats all we need now, nothing else please, just mouse support, with a small pointer icon, nothing fancy.

    Surely Nokia shoulda done this by now?

  • Jalelkurdish

    excellent player

  • TigerGeo

    Just use the damn Zeemote xP

  • mikee12341

    i reckon he’s controlling it with bluetooth keyboard :)

  • mdickens98

    Not Fake! I have this on my 5800. Cant control it unless you install Virtual Key, plus the 5800 doesnt have enough buttons for all the controls but it shows the power of the phone nicely. Maybe the developers could add touchscreen and/or accelerometer support?!

  • hmihov

    Recorded demo nice try

  • bizarotrips

    it’s not fake. i’ve installed it on my 5800, but i can’t figure out how to control the game. just when you push te volume buttons the main menu shows but i can’t start a new game. can’t show and the onscreen virtual pad too :((((((

  • vaqar001

    its fake i cant see how he is controlling it. And 5800 is so bulshit that it cant handel these graphics, its just a video.

  • GJEtnaS

    pls tell me how do you play it on 5800…

  • cirion66

    its real no fake- its working on e51 but its not playable with small keys 😀

  • esta1ien

    use google! koti. mbnet. fi/hinkka/Download.html

  • esta1ien

    NiksiIsmo, lol

  • NiksiIsmo

    lol, fake;D

  • esta1ien

    not fake. In offical site have hidsupp_v100.sisx for connect BT keyboard and mouse.
    But on video game show.

  • kenwongdotcn

    fake. how do you control it?

  • th3lastdays

    @PHONEYPOLITICS then by all means get yours shortly.


    if the stock markets thump there will still be food in the supermearket

  • cunnidvd

    it will stimulate the economy in the long run. makes jobs and demands goods.

  • godsfool713

    @stevey65 please dont say that

  • godsfool713

    @beerytom for reals

  • beerytom

    be aware not alarmed… what I would question is, who is your supporter and what is his reasoning for these claims?

  • stevey65

    @70short Gods judments in full affect, and Gods saving the worst for last, for us here in America

  • humanoidcontent

    I agree, this is huge. Quake, tsunami, volcanoes. But be cautious guys not to go idiotic. More of this will come. The end is not now. It’s permanently a excellent thought to be prepared though. Next time, it could be the shores of the US feeling the heat. May God bless you all.

  • 1980albatros

    pimp, i gotta say, be careful of what you might hear. permanently be prepared. but don’t go idiotic or whatever. be cool,reasonably,swift and attentive lets pay close attention to the next few hours.

  • 70short

    HAARP in full affect!!

  • artnuwa11

    Nuclear plant is reporting water cooling tower problems.

  • idiots731

    God Bless Everyone in Japan … I can’t get over how much pain im in right now with everything going on around the world .. too much… Peace everyone

  • LilSuzi2012

    My heart broke when I saw this on the news. I can’t believe an entire community was swept away. My prayers go out to the Japanese. This is a touch you don’t wanna see take place to anyone because it could have happened to any country.

  • NWsubmom

    Nothing against talking about bullying, but the world is in Disarray and Obama is talking about BULLYING?

  • NWsubmom

    I’m praying for Japan.
    The world is in CHAOS.
    It just seems to be building and growing by the day.
    Prepare, prepare!

  • concen


  • foxterrier65

    Repent while there is still time!

  • Siddis33

    The question gives itself. Are you a complete retard?

  • jonah70757

    @valhala56 I am going to watch it more from an analytical perspective…symbols…markers and programming.
    With the times we live in there is just so much going on. This Japan Tremor and Tsunami was huge today. All of these events are going to keep happening and will get worse. Governments will collapse at some point in the future…how far out exactly I dont know…but life as we knew it is long gone.

  • weslake898

    @Travelswithdan right

  • slobomotion

    No, French news says the nuke power plant in Japan is on fire! ON FIRE!

  • pleiadiansoullight

    are you telling people to go get supermarket food that’s filled with poison . and why are you holding important info that people can use,,unless your a puppet for jews,,i know alot more than what you may think so tell the truth>>

  • rowleyparks


  • valhala56

    @jonah70757 Fantastic way to deal with all the fatality and stress in the real world then some escapist Hollywood Diaster show to take your mind off the the for real diasters going on. I’m going to see it to tonight, Hope it helps me stop thinking about the Market crashing.

  • finditherefirst

    You can’t just say your supporter said a leak happened….location, we need locations on rumours like that. Get the excellent word out but make sure its real! Please!

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