Samsung I8910 HD

Догадайся как это сделали :)
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  • BlondeInBeer

    Here is revealed.
    Вот ответ

  • NautilusSt

    чё за idiotos?..

  • 42651215

    Razzzp — прав! это 2 комнаты, 2 парня…
    когда чел опускает камеру у отражения стопы не зеркальны оригиналу…

  • oespindola

    is very simple to see when the mirror on the hand although only 4 fingers match the match, which is very far and is very different for the thumb 1 cm of diference between 2 fingers thumb’s, i meand no match thumb’s for anything in the mirror, and is consequently a glass is a mirror and another quarter is identical with actors like ..

  • oespindola

    es muy facil vean cuando acerca la mano al espejo aun que los dedos coinciden solo 4 coinciden el que se ve muy alejado y no coincide para nada es el dedo pulgar osea el dedo gordo no coincide para nada en el espejo, y por lo tanto es un vidrio no es un espejo y es otro cuarto identico con actores similares..

  • Razzzp

    Resut: 2 sames rooms, 2 guys, 2 girls. Concluded. Bravo Samsung!

  • Verperl0r

    this is not a mirror — watch at his feet when he’s turning down the cam in adjoin of the ‘mirror’

  • MikeJanna

    the phone uses the adjoin camera to replace the image of the phone, and the camera on the back still films. nice phone!!

  • Paddy1606

    Everywhere are you from and: Everywhere did you get the phone right now? oO

  • zazabichi

    Cool Ad. Bravo Samsung!

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