♥ ♥ ♥ Scientific Proof Apple Cider Vinegar Dissolves Liver & Gall Stones From A Liver Flush ♥ ♥ ♥

http://liverflushing.com Scientific proof th&#1072t apple cider vinegar dissolves liver stones & gallstones. Th&#1110&#1109 experiment w&#1072&#1109 done w&#1110th original liver & gallbladder …


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  • Apple cider vinegar clears up for nail fungus and athletes foot. Also helps relieve Candida yeast infection.

  • Those are not liver stones. Do a small research people, before jumping on the uninformed bandwagon.

  • i did the Epson salt followed by 3/4 cup olive oil last night. woke up and had liquid stools but no stones. what should i do?

  • how to know if stone are from a human

  • drinking apple cider vinager by itself will hurt your throat. read the bottle it by no means says to take it by itself. do your homework before lishening to anyone.

  • Brilliant vid. Thanks.

  • i have gaulstones everywhere does it come out? please dont tell me my pee hole im a girl please tell me it comes out my poop

  • People need to seriously research this bogus flush. These are not gallstones and especially not liver stones being passed. They are saponified oil ("soapstones").

  • Braggs basically place the patent on raw cider. Besides all the religious b.s., I like her and i reckon she has a fantastic website. I bought some of the salad dressings too, excellent stuff.

  • Change the title to "Soaking turds in vinegar."

  • i had multiple stones, 0.3 cm and sludge in my gallbladder. i had a ercp due to my bile duct being obstructed. i refused to remove my gallbladder after. i by no means did these idiotic cleanses/flushes. i changed my entire diet/ exercised a lot and took supplements -2 months shortly after a ultra sound they were gone if you need help you can message me this is perilous process as you can obstruct your bile duct, i permanently had to massage the area so my sludge can pass through and wont block my ducts over again. ACV was incorporated into my diet on the mornings aswell. sorry for the unorganised structure im prose on my tablet, if you need help please contact me.

  • your silly.  drinmking apple cider vinager is different than soaking in it,.  you're body will balance it's own pH by adding or dumping basses into your blood and body.

  • Everywhere did the stones come from. Did they come from you?

  • I am thinking it has more to do with the acid content of the lemon and vinegar…

  • BTW — I know this process does not work because I am a natural shape practitioner.  My wife tried it several times and got the waxy secretions but they did not add up to stones.  In the end, she had it removed.  They barely got it out laparoscopically because she postponed it a long time.

  • This is en vitro.  That is a huge difference between that and real life everywhere malic acid is transformed chemically long before reaching (if it really even can in the biochemical process) the destination.  This was over a long period of focused time. This is existing proof to me that it could not work unless you had a tank of apple cider vinegar hooked up to a person's liver for a very long time.

  • This is scientific proof that you are an idiot!!!! Watch some anatomy videos and stop trying to sale your crap. The bile duct can't pass stones that huge and the amount people are reporting (Hundreds of stones), that is not gall stones. The gallbladder can't produce that many stones as it is too small. Gall stones take a long time to grow. How exactly does the apple cider vinegar make it into the gallbladder to dissolve the stones? Putting a touch so acidic in your body is not a excellent thought, even though your stomach acids are acidic you could be tipping the scale for bone density lose and bladder cancer.  I am not saying apple cider vinegar is terrible but it will not dissolve  gallstones and those are not gallstones unless you physically opened up your gallbladder and removed them which you state you got those from a "Flush". So over again, you are either an idiot or a dirty salesman. I reckon the shortly of the two.

  • not right. i drunk acv and lemon for nearly 4months and follow every instruction on how to use it, my gallstones didnt get any smaller no effect. have an ultrasound before doing this. having ultrasound everymonth the gallstones still there. the risk is perilous mine got infected had sludge thickened. so i just had it removed and now i feel fine..

  • So how do I do it?? I drink aple cider vinegar alone ? for how long???? will it flush by itself??? Through the urinary tract??

  • Is it me, or those stones look like they stinks : (

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