Seed Of Annihilation Solo Instance. Lineage 2 GoD

Lineage 2 GoD на Korean PTS Server Seed Of Annihilation Solo Occasion + Скиллы Магов Автор: dkbarakuda Источник: forums.goha.ru Файл: file.karelia.ru

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  • TheWachomen

    Name of song?..

  • TheWachomen

    Como se llaman la cancion?

  • h4ppyh4rdc0ril4

    w/e it looks generic, but i hope it wont be

  • badguygr

    Really i played this game on official servers since prelude . The gameplay it existing me till now was one of the best gameplays an MMO can place forward.When i first heard of this game i was like ok it will be terrible ….. but seems like its gone ever worse than i was thinking .I reckon after GoD release i ll just hit a private server for the first time of my life or i ll finally quit it.Really such a dissapointment.

  • lopuds

    rise.lt Gracia Epilogue fun server. Official Live start 24d 20:00h 2+GMT . RateXp = 75.

    RateSp = 75.
    RatePartyXp = 1.5
    RatePartySp = 1.5
    RateDropAdena = 150.
    RateConsumableCost = 1.
    RateDropItems = 45.
    RateRaidDropItems = 5.
    RateDropSpoil = 60.
    RateDropManor = 1
    Spoil skill with nobless
    Instant 20 lvl
    Shop till A grade
    Enthrall rate – 65%
    Blessed enthrall rate – 65%
    Cristal enthrall rate – 95%
    Safe enthrall – 3

  • trickpa80

    after GoD release ill back to oficial server =D …

  • SHDkhun

    Evolution I Like =)

  • nickbaiano14

    Pls, back to Freya. ):

  • wildcatweb

    wow — shit, aion — suxx. l2- c4 rulezzz!

  • MangeyoukouMaster

    WHAT THE FUCK?! thats no l2 ,thats no wow,thats no aion…thats SHIT!!!!
    shame on NC soft

  • automouse2dotcom

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  • yogurting84

    ว๊าววว ตอนแรกเห็นชุดแล้วเซงเลย แต่พอได้มาเห็นคลิปนี้แล้วคงต้องเปลียนความคิดใหม่แล้วละ เท่โครต

  • MeNickytogo

    ว้าววว น่าเล่น น่าสนุก มากๆ ครับ
    I am Thai People

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