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  • I reckon my apple watch might be broken. I lifted my wrist and said "Hey Siri, go rob the liquor store for me!"" I've been waiting for three hours. Still nothing. How do i fix this?

  • Silent nonsense compare too Samsung gear S. As I own a Samsung galaxy s6. Samsung gear s n of course Iphone 6 lol :) I did my research before I bought Apple watch and avoiding Apple watch was best choice ever in my opinion as gear s has so much more features

  • You saying hey siri on the video triggered Siri on my iPhone

  • Thanks for the fantastic video Rachybop!

  • Looks excellent does Siri on Applewatch :) . So does Siri not speak at all then on Applewatch? I wasn't sure if it was because u said u had turned sound off and that's why we couldn't hear him/her 😉 or if it is just not a feature u can have on the Applewatch. If it is not available Siri Speaking then that's a video u won't be able to do what I suggested that Siri Applewatch talking to Siri iPhone but like I said when I suggested it might not be possible anyway with the Applewatch paired to your iPhone. But if it was just on mute and he/she does speak and it is poss for Siri Applewatch to speak to Siri iPhone will delight in seeing that. But yeah I'm impressed with what Siri on Applewatch can do. Wonder if in time Siri Applewatch will be able to do more stuff and not just Handoff to your iPhone but it is excellent that that can take place and u can still find out what u want through your iPhone if Applewatch can't do it. Only terrible thing about that is if your iPhone array is dead and u r charging it up then u would have to wait in anticipation of your iPhone was charged up to be able to find out a touch that Applewatch Handedoff to it. Thanks for the upload as permanently Rachybop <3 :) Looking forward to many more Applewatch Videos that u have got to come up aswell as all the other videos aswell.

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