Tim Cook Under Fire As Apple CEO! Investors Upset. Media Turning. Why? (Speech + iPhone)

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  • Anomaly, I know you mean well when you say "lead with Like and Communication." But Like and Compassion without Truth and Wisdom leads to hell. You already know this and this is why you've been using your channel to get the truth out. But you should actively and literally add Wisdom and Truth to your list of virtues, because the mask of Like and Compassion without Wisdom and Truth is what the Left has permanently used to grasp power.

  • For people on the right there is a focal point. with moderates or centrists. But the people on the left consider any one (right) of Karl Marx as a right wing radical.

  • Tim Cook is an ancient grandma.

  • 7 pedophiles down voted this vid…u offended them

  • Not a fan at all of the late Steve Jobs, but Apple has been going down hill since his fatality. I know numerous folks that will not buy Apple products, simply because of Apple's recent politics!

  • YouTube unsubscribed me from your channel, An0m. Just a heads-up.

  • 4:30 Yep and this is why we call this meaningless virtue signalling. These CEOs just care about making themselves look excellent w/all of the idiotic radicals out there these days but it is going to hurt his business and show that he is spineless and is okay with discriminating.

  • I by no means had a problem with gays in anticipation of people started forcing straights to see them as 'special' (or better). In place of them on TV like it's one in three people. This whole "fucking preference meets politics" bullshit is just a sham so people will vote left.

    Fuck the "gay agenda".
    If your gay, I like you, like I do everyone else. But this in your face bullshit is making me sick.

  • 2019 liberals/democrats and a few republicans will be eating their youngs…

  • His Stalin-esque speech about deplatforming people with incorrect-reckon was downright scary. F**k him and his cult-like company — get woke, go broke.

  • They really don't like Christians either, at smallest amount not white one, nor the ones in the middle east being killed off by their beloved tolerant (*sarcasm*) muslims.

  • Speaking of Tim Cook /Apple products:

    Recent Qdrop happened about 4 minutes after I turned in information to help track what appears to be Sustained Systemic Methodical Electric Power Theft — maybe directly from the grid(s), idk but, since I started tracking theres been that Natural Gas Explosian in Mass. and the PG&E fire. It also does look like the local power company engages in telephone/computer spying on residences using WiFi & External Hardrive WAN Devices, that I reckon doubtless means "bugs". I've been documenting + tracking for over a year but best documentation mostly gets stolen out of notebooks.
    Also, the Power Company has Independent Contractors, even from out of state, that have access to properties/power boxes/cyber networks but are 100% Unaccountable either For or By Avista/WWP/power company. I have NO WAY to test amperage on my own and there's plain physical world appearance of evidence that 30% usage is being Skimmed- like ATM skimmers? But the people who "verify" are Power Company Gang (larger — looks like meth too) — so how to catch? I would not question but out of resource to do without more help and sweet sure this is much larger than just me as victim of this kind of theft.

  • Tim Cook sucks — both really and as Apple CEO. TIred of his sjw pandering & preening. He’s a been counter, not a visionary.

  • Being on the left is like walking on glass…….with high heels

  • Tim "Not Under the Gaydar" Cook

  • An0maly, no excellent White Supremacist hip hop? Whitey Ford?
    WP enough that … 😉 heard that song about, "Lights Out"? Talented musician.
    No threat intended from me to you on that song, btw — just pointing out music and remembering amusing incident.

  • Hi, can you do a video on globalism and universal healthcare and why it does or doesn't work? Thanks

  • FYI, Tim Cook is openly gay

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