toshiba breakthrough

toshiba money-m&#1072k&#1110n&#609
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • nowwachtme

    that song remminds me one song of Goldfrapp…

  • diantonovich

    i have the same laptop at work. i reckon, this cammercial reflects my experience… poorly (LOL)

  • limmxx

    ey, hold on, i see this money-making nearly every day but fractioned, here i got it longer. i like it, these people act fantastic, specially him.

  • resistanceshortcuts

    that ain’t right i jeard the same song in a Las Vegas episode !

  • alfonsioux

    live beating to the others ones, our society is a excellent proyect to evil …

  • RupertMerdok

    So, if it’s really original arrangement for this money-making, you should question someone from Y&R to give it

  • dilatedmuscle

    damn i want that song, i searched for this money-making just for the song! i really hope its not an original notch for this money-making

  • drillingjosh

    wait, globalvideoexperto, how do you know this shit you know? I really like this song, you have no thought how to find more like it? Seriously, this song’s spectacular, hook me up wit yo knowledge. thanks, joshdrilling

    ps is there a universal video expert?

  • globalvideoexpert

    This song is an original arrangement made specifically for this money-making.

  • rcbrown77

    anyone know the name of the song?

  • IndigoPlaedian

    like this money-making

  • danzflo

    i would hire that guy in the suit for a job anyday..

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