Toshiba Satellite L300

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Toshiba G900 Android r&#965n

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  • rabe7Sager

    نصيحه ياشباب الى يبي يشتري هالجهاز ضروري ضروري ضروري ثلاث مرات قلتها يغير كرت الشاشه الى الافضل اهم شئ كرت الشاشة لايكون من نوع Mobile Intel(R) 4 Run Express Chipset Family
    ثانيا بطارية هالجهاز حاول بقدر المستطاع انك تحافظ عليها لاتشتغل عليها فتره طويله يعني بالساعات < والافضل انك تشتغل على الجهاز بدونها ولو اشتغلت عليها بالساعات راح تلاحظ فرق كبير وقت الشحن للبطاريه مع الايام (الجهاز حلو وقوي ومعالج جديد جيد جدا ) اهم شئ الويندوز اصلي ومبروك عليك الجهاز 10 سنوات قداام بـــرب

  • dimka441986

    мин алам

  • dimka441986

    якче икян

  • MysteeryMan

    I was having problems with this… guy who fixed it tell me that this computer isn’ t for games and if I play games it will broke over again. can I own 1 game on it and then it will be excellent?

  • comanche119

    i have a Toshiba satellite L300-LC1 system unit.

    its a excellent laptop for school ONLY. other then that. its shit. and its especially a shit computer to do gaming on. trust me….

  • tj0rv3n

    fantastic laptop but the graphics memory really sucks!

  • cristian0rossi

    hy, i have a laptop like the one in the video and i have a problem with it.i have windo ws vista the problem is that i have an audio card creative sound… that fits in ,,, slot and it doesn`t play 5.1 it plays 2.1 even if it`s seted on 5.1. there is any option for window or what should i do?thank you

  • jessicaH5140

    @xAlexCT nope mines the 2 gb :)

  • xAlexCT

    😛 Nice! :). Is yours 1GB ram too? :O

  • jessicaH5140

    @xAlexCT me to

  • erictutorials

    Is this video in a different language for anyone else? Because no one is commenting about this being in a different language?

  • xAlexCT

    I have the same one, but mine is blacker.. and smooth.

  • agudacharliemagne

    thaths a excellent laptop

  • HiTechHelp

    sure lol

  • gluv1

    np man n check out my vids 2 lol

  • HiTechHelp

    no problem now if that happens to my mom and i have a rough idead on whats going on also be sure to give a look at my vids

  • gluv1

    i finished up researching on them n it ends up they have a tendancy to be a bit flimzy on the screen connectors apparantly, i went to get mine fixed and found a screw was stuck inside the laptop and in order to fix it he looked-for to undo it n he couldnt it was MY 3RD TOSHIBA SATALITE IV TAKEN BACK. its got excellent hardware inside like 2 gig etc. but there unreliable lol anyways i got an Acer Extensa 53230 now n swear by it lol cheers 4 the concern it realy cool man XD

  • HiTechHelp

    hmm my mom has the same laptop but my mom has by no means had problems like this before the laptop is about 6 months ancient

  • gluv1

    mines going amusing with me the screens freezing please can some1 help me out ASAP

  • gattosfigo

    Everywhere I can find it?

  • chickenwhitoutahead

    I will also try it

  • clrwk

    Can u post HARET settings for tosh G900?

  • yuzyin

    Hi, that is fantastic. Can we download it as well?

  • pidpawel

    how can i contact with U?

  • radiacja

    can you upload it ?? touch doesn`t work ??

  • be3max

    Ооh… much better

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