Why Buy the NEW Apple TV?

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  • As far as I'm concerned, this has to be some poor management's part too. Clearly the employees were given no direction and no discipline how to handle supply and plea on day one. It's amusing how they rejected me for wanting to be an Apple retail worker even though I would have ensured customers weren't jerked around because I would genuinely care for people who waited patiently for the device on launch day. I would have smacked them and woke them up from their delusions.

  • I've by no means been a fan of smart tv stuff. I just use a laptop or ps3. The wireless connection in my living room is too poor for a chrome cast, so my options are limited.

  • How does Text entry work with that remote?

  • VPN support
    External Hard Guide support?

  • Bluntly your voice is so fucking incredible

  • The NVidia Shield Android TV is still miles better IMO. A decent controller, support for most Android controllers, sideloading incompatible apps (That for some wits, ARE compatible but they need a mouse or they aren't on the store), Geforce Now (Granted, most of the titles are ancient, but hey, it is a new service), 4K streaming, 4K Gamestreaming, 4K gaming on some of the native games, and a- arguably- nicer boundary. Hell, it can run some Wii and GCN games at full alacrity nd is a fantastic emulation device. Sorry to say, there is no 32 GB base model- they still have 16 GB. At the very smallest amount, it could have had a 32 GB model. But there are HDD issues with the 500 GB model that I haven't seen myself, so there's that.

    I read your experience on the customer service and I want to say that he NVidia customer service is better. Sure, they do lie once in a while, like when Borderlands TPS is coming out for the NSTV, but overall, I have had no problems with them.

    For the fee of a 4th gen Apple TV (I'm talking about the $200 model), you can get the base Shield TV model. Not only that, but when Android M for ATV is released, you can plug in an external HDD and get extra space.

    I do like the Shield much better and I by no means use my Apple TV anymore because of that. Why use an Apple TV when I can simply use another device that is more powerful than the Xbox 360, outputs at 4K, emulate, stream games, etc? Unless I had an iTunes show store, I don't see much of a wits to use the Apple TV.

    If Apple marketed it much better, with 4K support, a better processor, etc, then I could see why someone would want to get the Apple TV. But here is the sad truth- a lot of the other companies (Roku, Amazon, etc) have 4K outputs, yet Apple doesn't. They do everything that the Apple TV does and the Apple TV only does a part of it.

    Gaming? Get the Shield.
    iTunes and other Apple only features? Apple TV.
    Streaming? A Roku. Or a Xbox. Or a PlayStation.

  • Is the controller usable on other devices?

  • How the actual fuck can a touch like that take place in an Apple store (two?!)? Of course it has to do with poor recruitment but even so, I've by no means encountered stores with more focus on customer service than the Apple stores and its premium resellers. That's what happens when they hire the latte-sipping douche-cunts from Starbucks to run the stores.

  • In person I'm very interested in the gaming functionality, and whether not it's worth purchasing purely for its gaming purposes.
    If you could touch on this in your review it would be appreciated, thanks :)

  • I currently have an Apple TV 3rd gen but it's used nearly exclusively for third have fun apps via AirPlay. I like the look of this device but there are two things that concern me. One is the lack of an SPDIF audio out. This means if I want to use it to just play music then my TV has to be on whereas on the 3rd gen it doesn't. Also although this isn't a new Apple product I would consider this to be the 1st generation of the "New Apple TV". After what happened to me as an early iPad adopter I'm reluctant to buy a first gen Apple product over again……I do want one though…

    I'm interested to see if Synology will be releasing their DS Video and DS Music apps for this. I like them on the iPad and iPhone.

  • I don't believe the Apple TV could be seriously thorough as a real competitor in the console gaming market. As you said yourself, the controller that it is bundled with isn't excellent for gaming. The third have fun controller that you are waiting on will by no means be sold as the standard controller for the system. That means that all the games will have to be designed with the bundled controller in mind. Not only that, but we have seen products like this with the much larger Android console market. Without a first have fun developer dedicated to making unique games on the platform it's hard for anyone to justify using a non focused gaming device as a serious console. Google or Apple would have to invest in making games exclusively for their respective platforms, and they simply won't do that.

  • I read your letter and that is the most absurd reasoning I have ever heard from Retail employees. I doubt Apple responds they are going downhill. Also I don't know how you don't have a constant headache from that noise.

  • "squirt it over" lol. sometimes I forget you had a zune.

  • I'd only go to the Sydney store just to find out product information and charge my device on the go (they don't mind if you charge your device there), but I reckon in some cases your better of going to JB-HI-FI and stuff to buy apple products, its quicker and simpler than waiting for a store worker at apple (half their workers are just chatting to each other).

  • +blunty would it help the noise if you used one of your gaming headsets? Sennheiser's might detach sound better (doubtless a dumb suggestion). :) like your content keep up the incredible work. peace.

  • You should post that experience on Reddit and some other forums. What a total failure on Apple Store's part on sooo many levels. Their goal is to sell you the relationship and the store experience. the devices and products are secondary. Sweet much so that you keep coming back.

    Would a lavalier mic help keep out most of that noise?

  • Can you reveal what the quality is like when watching netflix and when you watch sl1pg8r?

  • Reminds me back in the day when my G5 was leaking liquid coolant. It was covered by AppleCare but was by no means by the book fixed in anticipation of I took my unit to a 24hr store, one late night and I noticed the employees on the night shift weren't "fantastic" just normal looking folks who knew their shit (as it were).

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