World of Tanks. CBT Tourney Final, Fight 1

Sign up f&#959r th&#1077 closed beta game.worldoftanks.com First round &#959f th&#1077 World &#959f Tanks CBT finals finals. Balls &#959f Steel vs. Центурион (Центурион win)
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  • dukem10able

    can i have the 2 mins and 37 secs of my life back?

  • boltman318

    my channel for link to an awesome multi-player tank game! Better than WoT! No downloads required!

  • NOnStop7077

    —Wotanks.info.ms— если вы играете в МИР ТАНКОВ,вам сюда,тут всё:ангары,прицелы,шкурки,моды­­,ЧИТЫ!

    — Wotanks. Info.ms— if you play the world of tanks, you here, everything here: the hangars, scopes, skins, mods, cheats!

  • moalsaha

    I reckon this is the ancient version. how I know? I play it in anticipation of now and the chat box is different, the map is different, and the tank HP is different.

  • moalsaha

    @magmanthony hahahah I know right! sheathing sucks!

  • spedca

    oh, my balls is of steel too 😀 0:7

  • Potts132

    @gOtze1337 Self propelled gun’s are tanks.

  • gOtze1337

    it should be called «WorldOfArty´s»

  • magmanthony

    So this is what the game looks like without lag…

  • fishingstuR

    I’m dowloading the game right now.

  • M40A3VeNoMZz

    Will this launch on my HP guys?

  • Blo0pTheZombies

    @3d834 im going to answer nicley, disparate other. Macs are not made for gaming for several excellent reasons. most games, nearly all really are made for the PC. if you buy a mac for 1500$, it will have the same specs as a 400$ PC. which is kind off a waste of money. Mac is meant for people who are not so excellent with computers (not saying you are). in general, PC’s are more powerful and cost less. not in conflict, just stating out the obvious.

  • firebombwithgun

    at the start of the vid i was like «get out of the way bitch»

  • bond284

    these tanks are insanely quick lol

  • 2009wargamer

    i was banned for reporting a team killer, took over 4 hours to fix the issue
    i was cheated out of premium time and support has refued to compensate me for thier mistakes
    after spending over $200 on this game. be warned they will allow you to be cheated also.


    @Stormr69 how much is it to buy ??

  • Stormr69

    @Jimbo898 The video is just showing dramatic moves. Some of the tanks are designed for run and gun style play, accuracy suffers greatly, but most are slow pigs. lol Not to mention the SPG (Self Propelled Gun) Arty having to stand place in order to fire. Try it out.

  • Stormr69

    @sniffy1233 Why do they suck or a touch for games?

  • DAKOTA56777

    @Jimbo898 The M4 Sherman did.

  • armini0

    is this with auto aim?

  • petr1cech1

    just want to question…,not lagged at all..???

  • CTU4105

    @mathyson you build a better one easily, and for much less too. But you can’t buy a better prebuilt one. Atleast that i know of.

  • Companjeros

    maybe you must try it over again but normally their shouldnt be a virus.

  • ipods36

    I waited 2 hours for it to download and got a freaking Trojan virus =_= Anyone know why that happened? ‘Cuz I really wanna play it.

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